What is a limited edition print?

On- Wednesday 3 April 2024


Art collecting is the perfect way to create a unique and personalised space. But where to start? Limited edition art prints can be an excellent choice for first-time collectors, a great way to add to existing decor  and  they make lovely gift. Limited edition prints are reproductions of an original artwork, created in a limited quantity, which gives them a level of rarity and exclusivity.

Open Vs. Limited
Limited edition prints are available in a set number only. Because of their exclusivity, limited edition prints are more valuable and more expensive than open edition prints. When an artist sells open edition prints, there’s no predetermined limit on how many prints will be offered. It's good to remember 
however, this does not mean that an open edition art print will be available indefinitely.

When it comes to surfaces, canvas prints are perfect for those who love the look of paintings, while fine art paper prints are ideal for those who prefer a natural white matte finish. Our canvas prints are created high-quality bright white canvas, which is then affixed to hand-cut, eco-friendly wooden stretcher bars. Our canvas prints come ready to hang or frame as you wish. Our paper prints are made using natural white archival quality matte paper. 

Limited edition art prints provide an affordable way to own a unique piece of art that speaks to you. Whether you're a first-time collector or an experienced one looking to expand your collection, these prints offer a level of exclusivity and rarity that can make them valuable over time. By selecting prints that resonate with you, you can create a collection that reflects your personal style and taste, and adds character and depth to your living space.


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