Developing an Artistic Palette

On- Wednesday 12 July 2023

artists palette moodpboard, collection of photos, colours and leaves as inspirationWhy Develop an Artistic Palette? ​An artistic palette is a set of colours that an artist uses in their work. It can be as simple as a few favorite colours, or as complex as a carefully curated selection of hues that work together to create a specific mood or atmosphere. There are many reasons why an artist might want to develop an artistic palette. For some, it is a way to create a consistent look and feel in their work. For others, it is a way to express their personal style or artistic vision. And for still others, it is a way to connect with their surroundings and evoke a sense of place in their art.

My own artistic palette has evolved over time, influenced by the diverse landscapes I've had the privilege to explore. At the start of my career I moved to New Zealand. The soft, cool hues of New Zealand's breathtaking mountains and lakes quickly found their way onto my canvas. In fact for over eight or more years I produced work in nothing but blue or grey! After I moved to Europe, tranquil greens and blues were introduced on occasion, but when I returned to Australia it was pretty clear the cool blues and greys just didn't match with what I was now seeing. 

Australia is a country of extremes, with sun-drenched coastlines, fiery red outback, lush rainforests, and parched bushland. I wanted my art to reflect that beauty and diversity.

Gradually, I've been crafting a colour palette that encapsulates the spirit of my surroundings. I've incorporated the azure waves of the ocean, the soft blues of the sky, the fiery reds of the outback, and the vibrant greens of the rainforest. I've included the earthy tones of the bushland and the subtle hues found within the leaves of eucalyptus trees.  

As artists, we are constantly experimenting and refining our palettes, but I'm happy with the direction mine is headed in. I recently took a colour mixing class that has allowed me to explore new possibilities and deepen my understanding of the colours I use in my artwork.

artists painting swatches

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