Water ripples

On- Wednesday 3 May 2023

Four blue paintings of water ripples hanging on a white brick wall above blue lounge

As an artist, I'm constantly drawn to the mesmerising beauty of water ripples. There's something magical about the intricate patterns and shapes that water creates, and I've made this a focus in my recent work.

Water ripples are the perfect subject for an artist, offering an endless array of shapes and forms to explore. With each body of water having its own unique characteristics, such as the size and shape of the water, the intensity and direction of the wind, and the presence of any objects in the water, water ripples can take on a countless number of forms.

In still water, the ripples often appear as elegant concentric circles that radiate outwards from a central point. These circles can become distorted or elongated if there's a rock or other object creating a disturbance in the water. In rough water, such as in the ocean, the ripples can become more unpredictable, forming wild peaks and troughs that crash against each other.

The interplay of light and water ripples creates stunning visual effects. As the ripples move, they reflect and refract light, creating a dynamic dance of colours and textures. Depending on the angle of the light source and the viewer, the ripples can appear to shimmer, sparkle, or even glow.

As an artist, capturing the unique patterns and shapes of water ripples can be both challenging and rewarding. I'm happy to share my latest work but I'm far from done exploring this subject. So stay tuned for more pieces to come!

close up on abstract paintings of blue water ripples

crylic painting on paper is a striking portrayal of water ripples hanging on a wall above leather chair

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