Play with Paper

On- Tuesday 25 June 2019

The original art material, paper has long been a staple for practising artists. It is often the first thing artists reach for when they want to create. However paper’s usefulness goes beyond a surface to draw on. In Play with paper, artists exploit paper to push the medium to its limits. Through tearing, moulding, folding, marking and assembling, the works will present new ways of seeing and thinking about working with paper.

I liked this statement from the exhibition which I think explains quite well why I enjoy working with paper so much:  Paper makes the world go round. The backbone of the modern world, paper holds knowledge in the form of books, stimulates economies through currency and communicates ideas between people. A blank sheet of paper can be a terrifying concept but it also presents a world of possibilities. Paper's versatility makes it the perfect medium for artists wanting to experiment by cutting, folding, tearing, burning, crumpling, gluing and assemblage.

You can find two of my works at the exhibition, 'Coral Forms' a small work using cut cardboard and acrylic, and 'Waterfall' a photograph woven with strips of recycled paper. I particularly liked these two works: ‘Quandamooka Clay Moa’ by Delvene Cockatoo-Collins and ‘Books I Haven’t Written Yet I’ by Yvonne Mills-Stanley

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